About us

We are a team of experts, with over 10 years in the card issuing industry, we built several wallet systems as well that are used by many people. While encountering challenging issues during wallet development, we came to the idea of offering a service which will save time and help people working on wallet development to overcome the same problems that we faced once.

Our Story

AraxaTech was founded in 2021. After working in the payment card industry for over 10 years, we've noticed that the same problems keep arising every time there is a need to integrate payment cards with a card issuing system:

  • Transaction data is unnecessarily complex and confusing, making it very difficult for developers without prior experience to work with payment card
  • Testing the system and achieving a reasonable level of reliability is very difficult, due to the lack of a testing environment
  • It is necessary to "reinvent the wheel" for every new system, due to the lack of a well-structured transaction data
  • When developing a new card issuing system, the major part of development time is spent trying to achieve the basic card integration, leaving no time for developers to work on innovative aspects of Fintech
  • Payment processors spend a lot of time handholding clients, who in some cases never reach the point of issuing a single card

AraxaTech was founded with the mission to address above shortcomings, and to make integration with payment cards just one simple step, rather than a business obstacle.