ATS is a transaction data transformation service. When in live mode, it receives data from one or more payment processors, transforms it into easier to use, more logical structure and sends it to the wallet. When operating in development mode, it receives data from Nautilus’ transaction simulator or test engine. Depending on the transaction type it might wait for wallet’s approval or rejection, or it might wait for simple acknowledgement.

Simpler, easier to understand and use data structure

ATS does not attempt to pack apples and oranges in the same structure, rather each transaction type has its own dedicated structure. In the same manner, ATS is not sending all data to the same endpoint, but to dedicated end points which also determine what is expected from wallet (is it authorization required or is it simply posting information about something that has already happened).

Faster to the market

Simpler data structure helps developers with both speed and quality of their work. Coupled with powerful testing tools packed in Nautilus, integrating ATS into wallet is guarantee for shorter time to market.

Decoupling wallet from payment processor

Because ATS data structure does not depend on any payment processor, building wallet with ATS interface makes wallet payment processor independent. This makes the wallet itself more flexible and makes it more able to adapt to future business requirements. Rather than being an integral part of the wallet, specific payment processor and integration with it become external components.

No maintenance

Because the wallet does not depend on a payment processor, that means no maintenance on your side is needed to keep integration up to date. All integrations between ATS and payment processors are maintained by us.

Makes future business expansions easier

Since wallet is with ATS decoupled from any specific payment processor, that means adding additional payment processors is easy. If management decides to expand business to new territories which are not covered by the current payment processor, adding another one is a very simple task.

Makes payment processor migration possible

ATS allows mapping multiple payment processor tokens to a single card. Using this feature, it is very easy to migrate from one processor to the other –you can simply issue a replacement card on the new payment processor and link them together within ATS. ATS will report to the wallet transactions happening on either of physical cards as happening on one card.