Our Solution

Our solution is used to integrate payment cards into a wallet in the most efficient way. It includes transaction data feed, for transmitting transaction data to the wallet, API for controlling card behavior when it comes to currency handling, and back-office for inspecting transaction data, simulating card transactions and executing automated tests.

ATS, payment processor independent transaction data

The core of our solution is a service called ATS, that provides transaction data feed. The structure of this data does not depend on any payment processor, so ATS can be used to keep wallet clean from payment processor-specific code. For different transaction types, ATS sends different data structures, and it delivers them to different endpoints, so the wallet immediately knows what it is expected to do.

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Nautilus, back-office with all the tools to speed up development

ATS is supplemented with back-office, which is called Nautilus, and which is there to ease debugging and integration process. With Nautilus you can browse through transaction data, you can see stats about wallet performance (like percentage of rejected authorizations for example), or you can create virtual shops, ATMs and fuel dispensers and use them to simulate transactions.

One stop solution

ATS and Nautilus are a complete solution for card integration development. You don’t need even a payment processor or an issuing bank until you are ready to go live.

What can we do for you

  • Quick and easy solution for adding cards
  • Not locking wallet to specific payment processor/territory
  • Transaction simulator
  • Test environment
  • One stop solution – you don’t need anything else
  • Ability to properly test system built
  • Quick and easy solution for adding cards
  • Money saving solution, no need for expensive services before going live
  • Advanced transaction simulator
  • Test environment
  • Better tested products allows launching with confidence
  • Postpone decisions about payment processor and issuing bank until you really need them
  • Doesn’t lock you to specific payment processor
  • You can even fully showcase your product with Nautilus instead of real cards & money
  • Allows easy expansion to new territories when business takes off
  • Easy addition of new payment processors
  • Easy migration from one payment processor to the other
  • Transaction simulator
  • Test environment
  • Ability to seriously test entire card processing system
  • Shortens time to go live for issuers
  • Our tools supplement payment processor tools
  • Reduced support requirements
  • Better tested issuer systems

Simulating transactions is especially useful during development, when you want to execute transactions one by one and monitor how your wallet is processing them. Once you think you finished development, you can create automated test cases which are able to execute many transactions at the same time, and to monitor wallet’s response. These tests can be very useful for wallet regression testing.

Some of applications of our solutions

The obvious application of our service is to use it to accelerate integration of payment cards into a wallet system during development. Simpler data structures and better interface for delivering data result in faster development progress and, at the same time, in better maintainability of wallet. The fact that our solution comes with a very capable transaction simulator and testing environment further increases confidence in wallet developed. What makes our solution especially attractive to startups is that they don’t need to subscribe to expensive services of payment processors before they are truly ready to start issuing cards and processing transactions – essentially startups can fully develop their wallet, they can even demo it to potential investors (since Nautilus provides simulators for virtual shops), and only once they are really ready to go live they have to choose payment processor to work with (obviously without the need to change their integration, since ATS will transform payment processor’s data into ATS structures).

The fact that ATS is abstraction layer for payment processor data, can be utilized in some interesting ways: basically, since wallet is independent from payment processor, it can just as easily work with more than one payment processor. If it works with two payment processors for only short time, then ATS layer can be used for seamless transition from one payment processor to the other, or this ability can be used to permanently work with multiple payment processors, for example to use different payment processors in different territories. Another interesting feature of ATS is that it allows you to map multiple tokens to one ATS card – that way you can, for example, associate token of replacement card with card that has been lost and make card replacement totally invisible to the wallet. Or, you could associate one card with 2 tokens from two different payment processors, and transition completely without service downtime from one to the other, without need to do anything within wallet system.