Why to use Nautilus

Non-comprehensive list of some of the most important benefits of using Nautilus.

Benefits of using Nautilus

Cost reduction

If you decide to do the first phase of your product development using Nautilus only (which we recommend) you can cut expenses by 80% or more. In this case you can do most of your development without a payment processor and BIN sponsor, and then subscribe to these costly services only once you are ready to go live (i.e. when you have real need for them).

Further, testing of wallet doesn’t require any real money, unlike payment processors where testing product usually requires real cards with real money on them.

Risk reduction

During product development a very big risk is locking the product with the wrong provider. If this provider is both product-structure-critical and expensive (as is the case with a payment processor) making a wrong choice requires lengthy and costly recovery. With Nautilus you remain independent of payment processor and territory until you are ready to go live, and even after the cost of replacing either is quite low.

Investment advantage

The problem that many fintech startups founders face is that they need to get investment when they only have idea about product, so their idea/product valuation is necessarily lower than it could be if they had demonstratable product. By drastically reducing the cost needed to fully develop the product, Nautilus can help founders postpone fund raising until they have a demonstratable product, which will result in higher company valuation.

Quick to start development

With Nautilus you don’t need complicated licenses or agreements with several parties just to start development. Once you sign up for Nautilus, in several days you will receive a system ready to start development.

Fast to integrate

Because of its simplified interface for delivering transaction data, and because it allows developers to execute test transactions whenever they wish, integration with Nautilus is many times faster than integration with payment processor. With Nautilus developers get all the tools they expect to have, which makes integration less frustrating as well.

Quick to the market

Because integrating with Nautilus is fast and once integrated, developers can use all the tools Nautilus provides to make development of wallet quick and, more importantly, reliable. Quick development of product results in product being ready for market sooner.

Better wallet structure

The big problem with integration with any payment processor is the sheer complexity of the task involved – transaction data contains hundreds of data points which sometimes reference transactions from the past. While implementing this integration some parts of it get intertwined into the wallet code, which makes it both difficult to maintain and tightly coupled with payment processor. Nautilus acts as a barrier between wallet and payment processor, ensuring wallet code is not being contaminated with payment processor dependent code.

Easy to debug

Nautilus provides developers with a transaction simulator which they can use to generate any card transaction any time they want. This way they can debug the product they are working on, the same way as they debug any simple program. The ability to debug a product saves a lot of time and effort and results in higher reliability and quality of the product overall.

More reliable product

The test engine that Nautilus provides is an ideal tool for quality assurance. Nautilus’ test engine can check not only wallets compliance to communication protocol and response codes, but it can also validate wallet’s balance keeping calculations. Using test engine, it is possible to perform unit testing, regression testing and performance testing. Since all communication with wallet is logged by Nautilus, with timing data recorded as well, these logs can be later used to in-depth investigate wallet’s performance.

Able to grow

By virtue of not being directly dependent on any payment processor the product can easily be re-attached to a different payment processor in the other territory or it can even work with multiple payment processors at the same time. This allows very easy expansion to new markets with minimal modifications of wallet.

Easy to demo

Transaction simulator’s ability to generate any transaction makes it ideal tool to simulate transactions for the purpose of demonstrating product (to potential investors, regulators or any other interested party). Since from receiving wallet’s perspective transaction generated by simulator is in no way different from transaction received from real card, you can use simulator to show product behavior as it would be in real life.

Easy to migrate

Because the wallet is not connected directly to the payment processor, that allows one payment processor to be easily replaced by the other, with only minimal modifications of wallet programming. Further, Nautilus allows transition between payment processors virtually without any downtime. Read more about payment processor migration...