What are you getting with Nautilus

Non-comprehensive list of Nautilus' most important features.

Why Nautilus


Nautilus provides reports about monetary information and wallet’s performance. These reports will give you an instant idea of how your business is performing. Read more about reporting in Nautilus...

Inspect transactions

Nautilus transaction browser allows you to inspect transaction data in-depth. Data is categorized to make it easier to find relevant information and for each transaction it is also shown its monetary impact. Read more about transaction browser...

Transaction relations

Nautilus keeps track of relations between transactions – you can see all related transactions nicely grouped in the transaction browser. This can help you visualize interaction that happened at each merchant place. Read more about transaction browser...

Quick transaction search

The transaction browser allows you to search for specific transactions by using a plethora of possible options. Read more about transaction browser...

Arbitrary sorting of transactions

Transaction browser allows you to sort transaction list to your own preference using any column or any combination of columns. Read more about transaction browser...

Download transactions

In case you need to further process transaction data using some external tool, you can download from transaction browser as CSV file. Read more about transaction browser...

Transaction decoding

Nautilus does all data decoding for you, delivering transaction that is easy to understand and process.

Transaction matching

Nautilus automatically links settlements with authorizations, subscription transactions together, incremental authorizations and decodes all other relations between transactions.

Multi-user system

Nautilus is multi-user system. Each user can have his own settings related to time zones, display preferences and similar, and while in development mode each user can make Nautilus communicate with separate machine.

Communication logs

Nautilus keeps all communication logs with payment processor and wallet. Each log also has associated timing information. You can use these logs to debug communication between wallet and Nautilus.

Transaction impact calculation

For each transaction Nautilus sends you its calculated impact on reserved and actual balance. This way wallet doesn’t have to do complicated calculations – it just needs to apply these deltas.

Wallet settings

Wallet communication protocol can be configured to best fit wallet on the other side. It is possible to change the way data is delivered (JSON vs SOAP), various SSL related settings and other things.

Guaranteed data delivery

Nautilus keeps retrying to deliver data in case wallet system is unable to receive it first time. This way transaction data is never lost.

In-system help

Nautilus has a dedicated help page for every screen. These pages can help you find your way around the system.

Multicurrency support

Nautilus has built-in support for unlimited number of settling and billing currencies. You can control them using API and card product setup. Read more about API...

Recording time data

Every step of transaction processing gets its time recorded, that includes exact times when data was received from payment processor, time spent for internal processing and time spent waiting for wallet.

Full API log

Each API call made to Nautilus is recorded together with exact timing data and response. You can use this if you are debugging your integration with Nautilus API.

Monitoring wallet’s health

Nautilus has built-in reports which are indicators of wallet’s health. These are showing time spent processing authorizations, rejection code statistics, transaction approval rate and message processing rate. Read more about reports...

Removal of expired authorizations

Nautilus is automatically reversing the effects of authorizations for which time to settle has expired, removing burden of doing that from wallet.

Simulate ATMs

Nautilus can simulate all transactions initiated at ATM, it can also simulate ATM with DCC (with currency conversion enabled) and it can simulate communication issues on ATM machine. It can also simulate acquirer defined fees at ATM machine. Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate POS

Nautilus can simulate all transactions that can be initiated at POS, it can also simulate POS machine which DCC (dynamic currency conversion) enabled, subscription transactions and other. Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate AFD

Nautilus can simulate automated fuel dispensers, and it can simulate both ways of operation (preauthorization and final authorization or authorization and reversal). Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate Web shops

Nautilus can simulate all possible transactions that can be initiated by web shops. Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate any location

Nautilus can create virtual merchant places (ATM, POS, AFD or web shop) on any location of the world. Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate any currency

Nautilus simulator can generate a transaction in any currency, allowing you to test your system’s behavior with any input currency. Read more about transaction simulator...

Simulate corner cases

You can use transaction simulator in combination with transaction browser to create custom transaction chains or to create authorization-settlement currency mismatches and other corner cases. Read more about transaction simulator and about transaction browser...

No real money needed

Thanks to transaction simulator you don’t need to spend real money for testing your system – you can test your system as much as you want without any extra expense. Read more about transaction simulator...

No real cards needed

With Nautilus you don’t need to have real cards issued to be able to test. It is enough to use imaginary cards registered with Nautilus API. Read more about transaction simulator...

Automated tests

Nautilus’ test engine can execute automated tests, which can potentially contain hundreds or thousands of transactions, and it can monitor wallet’s performance for each of these transaction. Read more about test engine...

Test cases

Nautilus supports creating test cases from transaction chains – these can be used to verify wallet’s handling of specific situations. Read more about test engine...

Test suits

Nautilus supports creation of comprehensive tests as collection of test cases. Tests can be used to validate large segments of wallet behavior (for example handling of all POS transactions). Read more about test engine...

Response code validation

Nautilus test engine can be used to monitor wallet’s response code over entire test (potentially containing many transactions). Read more about test engine...

Balance validation

Nautilus test engine can validate wallet’s balance keeping, by comparing wallet’s balance inquiry response after transaction with expected value. Read more about test engine...

Test execution history

For each test Nautilus records entire execution history. This can be used to help identify when regression was introduced into the system. Read more about test engine...