Startup Accelerator

Reduced price for Nautilus + a free consulting session with experts every 2 weeks to help you keep everything on track.


Nautilus is already a great match for startups, enabling you to significantly reduce the costs of developing your product before going live, which, in turn, can help you retain a bigger share of your company. Read more about why Nautilus is a great choice for startups.

To support you on your journey to realizing your dreams, we've decided that all startups joining our accelerator program will receive Nautilus at a reduced price until they are ready to go into production.

Additionally, we offer one free consulting session every two weeks, providing consultancy to help you bring your product to the finish line. Please note that these sessions are not related to using Nautilus; Nautilus support is provided independently. We believe you can get the best value out of these sessions by using them for planning, monitoring progress, and ensuring you are on the right path. Members of AraxaTech, as well as members of our partner companies, will serve as consultants in these sessions.

Conditions to join

AraxaTech is committed to supporting startups, and we extend an invitation to all companies younger than one year to participate in our Startup Accelerator program. By joining, you will gain access to Nautilus at a discounted price. Additionally, we offer free consultancy that you can utilize to ask anything related to getting your fintech business up and running as quickly as possible. Please note that this consultancy is independent of our regular support.


As part of our 'AraxaTech for Startups' program, we provide a complimentary 'handholding' service for all startups that require such assistance. Every two weeks, we offer a free one-hour Q&A session with industry experts, providing technical guidance on completing your product, addressing regulatory requirements, and more. This can be a valuable tool to ensure you are on the right path and to help you resolve any issues that inevitably arise during the development of your product.