With Nautilus, you get all the necessary tools to add cards quickly and effortlessly to your wallet, while also benefiting from advanced reporting, simulation capabilities, automated testing, comprehensive logs, multicurrency support, multi-user collaboration, and extensive documentation to ensure a smooth and successful integration experience.

Fats to the market

Nautilus’ transaction data feed is the fastest way to integrate card transaction data into a wallet. With it you also get all the tools needed to test and debug integration (transaction simulator, environment for automated testing). You also get sample integration source code which you can base your code on to give you an extra boost.

Our review process for the applications is fast so you can start working on integrating payment cards into your solution within days.

Reduce expenses

This is the only subscription you need to start developing card integration – there is no need for a payment processor or BIN sponsor before you plan to go live. This way, you can avoid significant monthly expenses for those services before going live.

Finding developers with experience in the field might be both difficult and costly. The simple interface offered by Nautilus, complemented with thorough documentation, makes it possible to use developers without hands-on experience in the payments industry. By reducing the time needed to complete card integration into the wallet, our solution also helps you cut down on development costs.

Keep more shares

Nautilus is the complete sandbox for your product development. Its simulators enable you to test your product in the same way it would be used in the real world. This allows you to develop your product all the way to the finish line at a fraction of the cost.

Typically, entrepreneurs who can demonstrate a working product to potential investors secure more funding for a smaller share of the company than those who are pitching mere ideas. With Nautilus, you can easily use simulators, enabling you to showcase your product without the need to invest large amounts of money in obtaining real cards.

Reduce development risk by leaving your options open

By virtue of being payment processor independent, Nautilus doesn’t force you to choose a payment processor or BIN sponsor in the early stage of your product development. You can complete development and only then choose the right payment processor or BIN sponsor. Additionally, you can postpone the decision on the country to launch your product in.

Reduce operational risks by thorough testing

With a built-in card transaction simulator and test engine, Nautilus enables you to extensively test your product without the need to spend real money. Moreover, its transaction simulator is specifically designed to facilitate the creation of real-world edge-case transactions that would be challenging to test otherwise. By leveraging the simulator and test engine, you can significantly reduce the risk of overlooking real-world card usage scenarios before going live.

Allows you to grow

Nautilus allows you to quickly add another payment processor if needed, without making significant changes to your core system. This capability proves particularly useful when expanding to a new market or if there's ever a need to use multiple payment processors simultaneously.