Expanding to new territories

With Nautilus it is easy to add a new payment processor, allowing you to easily expand into new markets or territories.


Once you have a wallet in production and successfully running in one country, it's time to consider expanding to new territories and markets. Often, when venturing into issuing cards in another country, collaborating with a different payment processor is necessary.

If Nautilus was not used for the original product, adding a new payment processor becomes a challenging task because the payment processor-related code might be scattered throughout the wallet implementation. Removing code associated with one payment processor and replacing it with code for another, while maintaining the system's functionality, is a difficult undertaking.

However, if Nautilus was used during the implementation of the original product, adding a new payment processor for a new territory becomes a straightforward operation.

Here, we provide the necessary steps to expand to a new territory when using Nautilus.

1. Choose the BIN sponsor and the payment processor for the new territory

If the current payment processor or BIN sponsor does not cover the new territory, you'll need to find one that does. Checking with us at AraxaTech is a good idea, as we may already have a relationship with a payment processor or BIN sponsor in the territory you're interested in, which could expedite the process for you.

If you prefer to work with a payment processor that AraxaTech doesn't currently collaborate with, that's not a big issue either. Just let us know your choice, and we will add that payment processor to Nautilus, free of charge for you.

2. Modify card creation and control logic in your system

You need to modify card creation and control logic in your system to create a card on the appropriate payment processor, and to call the endpoint of the appropriate payment processor for each card. Once the card is created, register it the same as before with Nautilus (by just passing appropriate PaymentProcessorId parameter).

3. Modify reporting in your system

Enhance your monetary reports so that you can accurately determine the amounts of money to be settled in each territory, including interchange and other fees.

4. No need to do anything about the transaction data

Since you are using Nautilus, you don't need to take any action regarding transaction data. Data from the new processor will seamlessly start coming in using the existing connection and in the same format as the old data. As a result, the wallet will immediately be able to use it, requiring no additional steps.


Because Nautilus makes the wallet independent of payment processors, it also simplifies the process of adding new payment processors to the system, without the wallet even needing to be aware of this change. This ease of integration makes expanding to new territories or adding additional payment processors in existing territories straightforward for Nautilus users.