The system for accelerated building of card issuing wallets
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Card Transaction Simulator

Entire world

Unlimited number of virtual merchant places (any country, any currency)

Different merchants

ATMs, retail stores, online stores, AFDs

No need for real money

You can test as much as you want without spending real money
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Test Engine

Balance verification

Verifying wallet’s balance calculation

Performance testing

Executing many transactions with single click

Response code testing

Monitoring and recording wallet’s response codes
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Transaction Browser

System monitoring

Wallet health and performance reports

Data inspection

Browse transaction data in real-time

Wallet testing

Create custom transaction chains and test cases
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Abstraction Layer

Payment processor independence

Decouples wallet implementation from payment processor

Development accelerator

Speeds up wallet implementation and improves its performance

Foundation for growth

Allows easy expansion to new markets and territories
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Nautilus helps start-ups

Quickly build digital wallet

All the tools you need

Transaction simulator and test engine allow you to test and debug

Reduce operational risk

Test engine can verify wallet's financial operation

Reduce business risks

No need to commit to market/territory until you finish development

Keep bigger share of the company

Reduced expenses reduce need for investment
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Nautilus helps start-ups

Seamlessly integrate payment cards

Fast integration

Simple interface makes integration fast and easy

You can debug and test

Seamless development with transaction simulator and test engine

Quality assurance

Test engine can verify correctness of balance keeping

No maintenance

Once integrated with Nautilus we take care of upstream integrations
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Nautilus helps established issuers

Migrate between payment processors


Nautilus allows wallet to work with multiple processors simultaneously

Transparent to users

Nautilus can map cards from different processors to one card in the wallet

No downtime

Switch can be performed without any downtime
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Nautilus helps established issuers

Expand to new markets

Adding new processor is easy

Unified interface makes addition of new payment processor simple

Using multiple processors

Nautilus allows wallet to work with multiple processors simultaneously

No need to modify the wallet

Wallet’s transaction handling doesn’t need changes for new processor
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Nautilus helps wallet technology providers

Quickly build flexible product

Not locked to one processor or territory

Nautilus makes wallet independent of transaction data source

Quick development

Simplified interface paired with all tools needed to test and debug

Quality assurance

Transaction simulator and test engine provide extensive testing capabilities

Easy to demo

Transaction simulator makes wallet's real world operations easy to demo
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