Faster to Revenue

A wallet with 30,000 active cards monthly generates around 200,000 euros of revenue (conservative estimate). Every month of delay in going into production is very expensive. Nautilus can significantly cut the time needed to go live.

Missed revenue

With every month of delay in going to the market, a digital wallet loses a lot of potential revenue. For example, a digital wallet with 50,000 cards has around more than 300,000 euros in revenue every month. Millions of euros in revenue can be lost because of delays to go live.

You can use the simple calculator above to estimate your revenue.

To avoid big revenue losses, the highest priority of every digital wallet should be to go live as soon as possible. Nautilus is there to help reach production quickly, with a higher quality and without any risks.

Without Nautilus With Nautilus
Reduction of development scope close done
Easy to access communication logs close done
Easy test execution close done
Regression testing close done
Real cards and real money needed for testing done close
Developers can work in parallel close done
Time to start developing after the first contact close done

Nautilus reduces the scope of work

When integrating with payment cards, a significant amount of time is typically devoted to decoding transaction data and developing algorithms that match related transactions (e.g., settlements to authorizations) and calculate the monetary effects of each transaction.

Nautilus eliminates the need for these steps. For instance, transactions are already fully decoded, classified, and matched with related transactions, providing comprehensive information about their effects on the card balance. With Nautilus, there's no requirement for the wallet to develop these functionalities, reducing the workload on the wallet side and facilitating faster completion of development tasks.

Accelerated development

In their everyday work, developers usually first try to understand what they need to build, then they write the code, after that, they attempt to execute the code to verify that it works as intended. If it doesn’t, they tweak it until it does. When this process is finished, regression tests are created to make sure that the system continues to behave the way it is intended.

Unfortunately, when it comes to payment cards integration, it is not possible to follow this process – usually there is no way to execute the code before a real card exists, which can trigger transaction execution on a payment processor. This postpones very basic testing until real cards can be issued and usually results in big delays to going into production at the point when management thinks that system is already completed – developers, on the other hand, know that system does not behave the way it should and that makes them uncomfortable to go live. It all creates tension between the developers and management.

Nautilus enables developers to use the same process as they use when building any other program. They can first develop implementation based on specifications. As soon as they are done, they can run tests using the transaction simulator which would help them spot bugs, and once they are happy with the results, they can create regression tests which can later be executed by a simple click of the mouse.

To make development faster we provide extensive documentation, and even more importantly Nautilus comes with the tools which make debugging and testing easy – there are full logs of every communication between the wallet and Nautilus system which can be easily inspected by developers. Nautilus is a multi-user system that allows each developer to configure a separate endpoint, so multiple developers in a company can work in parallel, without interfering with each other work, yet they can share all the simulators and tests, to make them even more efficient.

Nautilus simulators can be used to perform end-t0-end testing and to demonstrate any fintech product that is being built to use payment cards. You can use Nautilus simulators instead of going to a shop and using real cards to demonstrate how your product works. With Nautilus simulators, you do not need any real money or any license to demo your product.

Quick to start Development

To start development with Nautilus you don’t need to spend months getting hard-to-get licenses and negotiating expensive contracts. All you need is to sign-up for Nautilus. We will set the system up for you and that is it. You will be ready to start using Nautilus in a few days, and you will be charged for the month at the month's end, and if you change your mind in the meantime and decide that Nautilus is not for you after all, you won’t be charged at all.

Faster to the licenses

Nautilus simulators can help you demo your product and its reporting capabilities to the regulators in the exact same way as it will be used in production. Further, the test engine and its balance keeping verification capabilities can be used to demonstrate that your wallet is handling cardholder’s funds correctly.